With over 2,000 handcrafted beads available, Reflection Beads allow you to customize your look.

First, choose your bracelet. Then pick beads that reflect you – your birthstone, your alma mater, your favorite sport, your personality! Simply slide your beautiful beads onto your bracelet, add spacers as you see fit, and place beads along the chain to prevent your beads from sliding.

The best part about Reflection Beads is that you can change up your design to suit your mood. A Reflection bracelet looks great for any occasion. You can even interchange Reflection beads with jewelry from other popular bead companies, such as Pandora.

Reflection Beads are made of sterling silver, 14k gold, hand-blown glass, Italian murano glass, dichoric glass and Swarovski crystal. Some beads feature high quality CZs and antique finishes.

Visit our jewelry store in Feasterville, PA to browse our Reflection Beads selections.  Click here to browse the full Reflections collection.

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