Your jewelry should reflect your personality and style. Here are the five items of jewelry every woman should have:

  1. Stud earrings. Classic and simple, stud earrings are a must. Pearl, diamond, silver or simply gold stud earring say “I can go anywhere fast.”
  2. Hoop earrings. Stylish and casual hoops are big. Invest in a pair that offers color by using gemstones.
  3. Cocktail Ring. Every woman needs a fabulous cocktail ring that makes a style statement. Cocktail rings should be the center of your outfit. Strut your personality. Have fun.
  4. Long Necklaces. Transitioning from day to night, long necklaces go with everything. Make it shorter, layer it with pendant necklaces. This must-have is versatile.
  5. A Bracelet. The bracelet equivalent of the stud earring is the tennis bracelet. Classic and elegant, a bracelet makes you feel pretty. Try a bangle or set of bangles.
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A modern tradition, the push present is a gift to a new mother to celebrate the birth of a child. Of all the push present jewelry, rings tend to be the most popular. Select Jewelers can set custom push present rings with your baby’s birthstone. For those planning for more than one child, stackable rings make great push presents as you can add to the stack with each new child.

Jewelry in heart or knot styles also make beautiful push presents for new moms. Instead of birthstones, they can be set with pink or blue to celebrate your new daughter or son.

Celebrate your entire family by designing a ring with everyone’s birthstones, including mom, dad, and all of the children. Your kids will love pointing out which stone represents them.

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