Don’t get behind the times. Here are 5 jewelry trends you should be on top of:

  1. Time to keep up with a menswear-inspired watch. Large face, big bling, leather or metallic strap. If it look like you could share it with the man in your life, then it’s perfect.
  2. Simple hoop or thin hoop earrings. These hoop earrings add interest, and a festive, feminine feel to women’s outfit everywhere.
  3. Bling is in. Gold and silver studs like dome balls, or diamond and cubic zirconia studs are versatile and complete fashion looks simply.
  4. Turquoise by the junks, like in a necklace, is making a comeback. Choose a chunky necklace or large pendant.
  5. Metallic cuffs are back and bigger than ever. Metal cuffs are a top fashion statement.

October is the focus month for breast cancer awareness, and the popular October pink has found its way to merchandiser’s shelves, food packaging, professional sports teams, and the community. Compassion for Breast Cancer patients is heightened as part of the awareness.

On the night of October 28, 2015, Select Jewelers hosted Jewelry Bingo, a fundraising event for a Lancaster cancer patient. Jewelry Bingo was a smashing success. All bingo winners left with a jewelry prize. This ladies night fundraiser sought to raise a thousand dollars, and was well on its way when a successful landscaping business of Dresher, PA paid forward the gesture of donating.The event raised over $1,200.00.

Andrea Cocci Emig, fundraiser recipient, called in via Facetime from her home 100 miles away to greet the guests she never met. Andrea is 39 years old and in stage 4 cancer. She has battled several cancers and lost her 42-year-old sister to the same cancer last year. Andrea is one of five children, two of which have been or are cancer patients. A third is being tested for the cancer gene.

“Giving back to someone in the community and bringing the community together to do it is a recipe for just making it happen,” said Dianna Yurko of Autocrafters CARSTAR Collision, corporate sponsor of events.

Offering local businesses the opportunity to get involved brings merchants together, pooling their resources and sharing budgets. This is the new B2B relationship marketing platform. “Live Local, Buy Local” has gone to a new level – Give Local.

Sauders Landscaping, Overstock Outlet, Edible Arrangements, Bucks County Breast Friends Support Group, AOH Division 88 Officer Danny Boyle, and residents of Feasterville came to help.

Select Jewelers steps in to support cancer fundraiser – an example of businesses working together to make a difference. Donating jewelry and jewelry services worth over $400, Select Jewelers contributed one of 73 donated gift baskets raffled at the 5th Annual Bowl to Strike Out Cancer held in Feasterville, PA at Brunswick Zone on October 17th, 2015.

Select Jewelers President Joe Mortimer was the only business represented and in attendance at the fundraiser, giving a jewelry gift every fifteen minutes for two and half hours.

Sauers Landscaping Owner Stephanie Sauers and their support team work tirelessly organizing a fun, state-of-the-art fundraiser, which raised over $17,000.

The event was inspired by Stephanie’s mother’s battle with breast cancer. Joe claims that getting involved with a fundraiser like this far out shines any diamond.


Your jewelry should reflect your personality and style. Here are the five items of jewelry every woman should have:

  1. Stud earrings. Classic and simple, stud earrings are a must. Pearl, diamond, silver or simply gold stud earring say “I can go anywhere fast.”
  2. Hoop earrings. Stylish and casual hoops are big. Invest in a pair that offers color by using gemstones.
  3. Cocktail Ring. Every woman needs a fabulous cocktail ring that makes a style statement. Cocktail rings should be the center of your outfit. Strut your personality. Have fun.
  4. Long Necklaces. Transitioning from day to night, long necklaces go with everything. Make it shorter, layer it with pendant necklaces. This must-have is versatile.
  5. A Bracelet. The bracelet equivalent of the stud earring is the tennis bracelet. Classic and elegant, a bracelet makes you feel pretty. Try a bangle or set of bangles.
Missing any of these jewelry must-haves?  Stop in to our Bucks County jewelry store showroom today!

A modern tradition, the push present is a gift to a new mother to celebrate the birth of a child. Of all the push present jewelry, rings tend to be the most popular. Select Jewelers can set custom push present rings with your baby’s birthstone. For those planning for more than one child, stackable rings make great push presents as you can add to the stack with each new child.

Jewelry in heart or knot styles also make beautiful push presents for new moms. Instead of birthstones, they can be set with pink or blue to celebrate your new daughter or son.

Celebrate your entire family by designing a ring with everyone’s birthstones, including mom, dad, and all of the children. Your kids will love pointing out which stone represents them.

Visit our Bucks County jewelry store today to discuss your push present ideas.


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